Yes I own the Sydney Opera House

My Dutch new friends asked me to write a little bit in english here so I will give it a try sometimes. My english is what it is and I ask my brother to go in here and correct the spelling if he have time.

- Christian can you correct my spelling please?

Ok, now people is looking strange at me for talking to the window.

Yesterday I did what I have been looking forward to do for over three years.

Yes, I put the tip of my penis on the Sydney Opera House. And yes... we have it on film.

I now own the Opera House in Sydney. It was a very big moment for me, I shed a tear right after I did it. It felt so good. We also took plenty of pictures of the Opera house, including me when I was pointing at the exact place where I put the tip of penis on the Sydney Opera House.

Another one where I looked very satisfied right after I just have put the tip of my penis on the Sydney Opera House and of course Jorgen and Kevin took plenty of pictures of me just seconds after... I just put the tip of my penis... on the Sydney Opera House...

Oh it is so owned. I will now raise my hands high above my head and say.

- I own you Sydney Opera House. I own you so bad...


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