Multi-Faith Prayer room

I did a funny observation at the Heathrow airport in London that got me thinking a bit. I saw a sign that said multi faith prayer room and I just had to see the place.

It was very surreal because it was like a little line of people with different religion. Some Jews some muslims and maybe a Christian. Then there was like the antichrist man who stood behind a counter and sorted them out to different locations:

- Next... Looked as bored as possible.
- Hello.
- Jew?
- No.. Got an disturbed face.
- Ok, so what are you then?
- I want a room to pray in.
- Ok, but what are you then?
- I am a muslim! The one and only true religion! The man raised his finger looking around on the Jews and the Christians with a bit angry but satisfied face.
- Oh, ok... We are renovating the Mecka room right now but we have the next best thing right over here.

The two men walked over to a window pointing out towards the check in desks and tax free stores.

- You see the McDonalds sign over there? That's the way to Mecka. Alright then, see you around.

The Muslim man had no choice but to pray in the direction of a smiling Ronald McDonald.

Oh yes... It felt so good. :)


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