The claim of the Sydney Opera House

This is the second part of my claim on the Sydney Opera House. It has now gone a couple of days since maybe one of the greatest claims on the face of the earth took place.

I will of course in the future make a youtube clip of everything with the great live video footage of me making the claim.


Here we have a picture of the newly claimed opera house. The red arrow on the left there is were I made it. This is not the exact moment when it happened, I made it in the evening because we were to lazy to go in the day...


And here it is... This is where I put the tip of my penis on the Sydney Opera House. I pulled back my foreskin and then put it back again so as much tip penis as possible ended up on the Sydney Opera House.

I now in the future call it a claim because I cannot find a good translation to the swedish words olla, attackollning and armsvett.

jorgen kevin

Of course I wasn't alone. Jorgen on the left made the video footage of the whole thing including a short interview in the beginning and when I walked up on the stairs. He also made a small video right after the glorious moment asking me how I felt.

Kevin in the middle took the pictures with another camera. We had a total of three cameras and shot the whole event from different angles...

This is Martin, a young man who has waited for this moment for over three years, saying good bye for now.

I will continue claiming, I promise.

Postat av: MaDeLiÑo

HAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAH.... Spänningen är olidlig. Kan du inte mutta(verb för fittgnugga) en känguru? Jag och min hemliga vän har alltid drömt om det. Hugg tag i valfri aborigin-brutta and do it!!!

2007-11-20 @ 22:51:31
Postat av: Martin

Vilka grova ord MaDeLiÑo! Mutta en Kanguru? Haha, ja du... =)

Just do it!

2007-11-21 @ 04:10:25
Postat av: Mi a.k.a Dolly

Martin, allvarligt! Vill du att kuken ska ramla av?

Du måste sluta olla allt, du sliter ju ut stackarn! :P

2007-11-22 @ 18:21:57
Postat av: Carin

" I pulled back my foreskin" Och gud... jag dööör av skratt, fyfan du Äger!

2008-09-06 @ 15:24:31

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