We raped St Pauls Cathedral.

In honor of my english friends I will write this post in english. Fuck you "Hrm" that later will make over one million comments on my spelling and grammar.

Warning: This post contains a lot of genital-jokes.

Two crazy swedes that went to London and ended up in Leeds. Me and Nils has finally visited some of the people we met on our travels and I must say, London is wicked.

Our very first cup of tea in England. The only difference is the weird English people staring at us with eyes of hope, wishing that we both will have tastebudesms.

Sarah who I travelled with in Asia, took us around a rainy London. The tourist feeling was complete and we went to see the London dungeon. Its like a scary walk through some tunnels, and in every room there was actors who played out small shows for us. We saw Jack the Ripper jump out trying to stab us for example.

Nils screamed like a girl and I qoute:

"Small amounts of pee just came out from me."


Lunch in London!

We also saw some sights and here Nils, the little fucker, was one step in front of me. When we came up to Tower Bridge I heard Nils screaming of joy and when I turned around, I saw the tip of his penis touching the bridge.

As grey and depressing as sweden but! With the psychedelic eyes, its a little funnier.

Nils claimed Tower Bridge. It is now his. Congratulations Nils.

We then commenced whipping out our penises claiming different objects in London. I claimed The Monument and together we claimed St Pauls Cathedral. That was a bit scary, because the gaurd was just behind us. Our penises acted out the deed swift and silently.


Me running to beat Nils to The Monument.


For a short while, it was an extension of me.

St Pauls Cathedral getting raped.

After a whole day of knobbing we went to a stand up night. This was one of the best pieces of stand up I have ever seen, and the setting was so much more different than Sweden. It was only four comedians but there was a pause in between every comedian. In Sweden all comedians almost stand on top of each other and its only one small break in the whole evening.

If I ever start my own stand up club. This is how the evening would look like.

Saturday we jumped in the car, burned away up to Leeds to attend Floras student corridor birthday party thing. We went out to something called The Halo, which basically is a church made into a club. Fucking amazing.

A church!!


Aaaahh, the retarded kids are having their first Fish n Chips.

Quote of the evening was: (Im sorry Flora but it sounded so funny when you said.)

"I dont know about this study thing. Its like just so much easier travelling around the world you know. Here I have to, you know... work."

Floras comment about this "study thing".

Me, Sarah, Jamie, Jo, Nils and Flora.

Yeah, and I almost got buttraped in the toilet. I must say I was a bit nervous going out in England cause of all the shit we read in the papers, but the mood in the club was everything but hostile. Except for one incident in the toilet queue.

I was standing in a tiny corridor leading to the toilet, when I felt something pushing me from behind. I turned my head to the left and met a pair of eyes in a mirror. It was the eyes of the gay guy poking med with his penis.

I felt like a victim that was about to get raped in the toilet. It was the fastest peeing session of my life.

A part from that the evening was great!

The day after we jumped into the car driving down to London again. Sarah is a really good driver a must say. Jamie, who me and Sarah met together with Flora in Vietnam, came with us in the car. James helped Nils out with a huge question for him:

- Whats the difference between marmelade and jam? --Nils is looking a bit wondering and lost.--

Jamie epically answers.

- Well, you cant marmelade a cock up a girls ass.
- Ahhhh... --Nils rubs his chin-- That makes sense.



Well thats a little bit from the London trip. Loved every second of it and is soon visiting again to do some of my own stand up

Postat av: Sarah

Awesome babe - feel so honoured that you wrote it in English!! However, and I'm sorry to fault your almost perfect post, so I'll ignore all the little errors but I'm afraid you made a kinda big one - it was Tower Bridge....;) Anyway, glad you had a good time and can't wait for round 2 be it England or Sweden!! Much Love! xxxx

2009-11-16 @ 23:34:27
Postat av: Martin


2009-11-17 @ 10:34:12
URL: http://cmj.blogg.se/
Postat av: maya

hej hej martin! du kommer fortfarande att uppträda på torsdag på frasses bar? jag behöver veta tid osv, kommer att komma dit med några vänner, hör av dig så fort du kan. måste ringa de killarna om tiden. puss o kram

2009-11-17 @ 15:52:41
URL: http://mayahataichanok.blogg.se/
Postat av: Nils

Gillar att du står och posar med en flaska vodka i handen. Ren vodka, de e bra skit det!

2009-11-17 @ 21:16:16
URL: http://nilsjohansson.blogg.se/
Postat av: maya

haha Fan, jag blyg? vem har sagt det!? Tssss..... whiiie imorgon ska vi kramas! Då ses vi! puss o kram

2009-11-18 @ 09:49:29
URL: http://mayahataichanok.blogg.se/

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