The claim of the Sydney Opera House

This is the second part of my claim on the Sydney Opera House. It has now gone a couple of days since maybe one of the greatest claims on the face of the earth took place.

I will of course in the future make a youtube clip of everything with the great live video footage of me making the claim.


Here we have a picture of the newly claimed opera house. The red arrow on the left there is were I made it. This is not the exact moment when it happened, I made it in the evening because we were to lazy to go in the day...


And here it is... This is where I put the tip of my penis on the Sydney Opera House. I pulled back my foreskin and then put it back again so as much tip penis as possible ended up on the Sydney Opera House.

I now in the future call it a claim because I cannot find a good translation to the swedish words olla, attackollning and armsvett.

jorgen kevin

Of course I wasn't alone. Jorgen on the left made the video footage of the whole thing including a short interview in the beginning and when I walked up on the stairs. He also made a small video right after the glorious moment asking me how I felt.

Kevin in the middle took the pictures with another camera. We had a total of three cameras and shot the whole event from different angles...

This is Martin, a young man who has waited for this moment for over three years, saying good bye for now.

I will continue claiming, I promise.

Jorgen u have to stop doing that!

Do I miss Jorgen and Kevin? Jorgen that thought it would be funny to let of a loud fart right after the lights went out in a dorm of six beds...

And yes it was only Jorgen that was so funny he had trouble breathing from all the laughter.

Sex contest!

This is a guessing game that my friend Thomas started. Press here and write your guess down at  the bottom including your name and if you met me. Then press on Skicka kommentar and then write in the code that appears. Oh and the guess should be at how many people you think I am going to have sex with during my trip to Australia and New Zeeland.

And my ego is greater then the Atlantic ocean right now...

Min gode van och kollega har startat en tavling genom en kommentar och jag lyfter fram den sa att alla kan fa se och vara med. Jag gor den som en egen lank dar nere i lankar ocksa sa man latt kan komma tillbaka hit.

JAG VILL STARTA EN TÄVLING fan caps lock va på orkar inte radera. Jag vill att vi har en gissnings tävling. Den går ut på att gissa hur många Martin hinner idka sexuellt umgänge med under sina 4 mån på rymmen från verkligheten. Eftersom jag kom på tävlingen så kommer jag att gissa först.

Jag gissar på att mörkertalet kommer bli 8 men för att inte sabba chanserna hos sina fans kommer han inte att berätta det utan han kommer säga att det bara va en som han träffade och höll ihop med ett tag innan dom va tvungna att skiljas åt. Andas. Det e nu hans närmsta släktingar och vänner kommer in i spelet och då syftar jag på hans bror som han berättar allt för. Vinnaren kommer att vinna en date med martin som jag lovar bort utan hans medgivande. Så sätt igång och gissa.


Thomas (the Biff) - 8
MaDeliÑo - 4
Natasha - 12
Anders - 2 dussin (ar det 24?)
Loooooys - 5
Janne - 11
ajja - 6
becky - 1 (visade henne bloggen har i Australien och forklarade vad detta var...)
Rebecca - 5
Ohyes - 3
En utan namn som gissar 19. Ar det kapten kanske?
Bambi - 8 igen?